COMD1162 – Week1

On August 29, 2017, in Week1, by Genevieve HItchings

Welcome to class!


I will be posting to this blog every week. Please check here for related course information.


Lecture Topic
Introduction to the semester

  • Introductions & Presentations
  • Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Vector vs. bitmap, print vs. web, resolution, saving, file formats, file management
  • Workspace
  • Type tools
  • Name design exercise

Resource Sites


  • Chose a designer for in-class presentation (see handout above). Presentations start week3.
  • Register for this blog to receive regular updates
  • Sign-up for OpenLab
  • Send me an ‘official’ (see instruction below) email to introduce yourself to me. Use this opportunity to practice appropriate email etiquette:
    • Use your official school email address (or an address that uses your name or a professional title; avoid using personal accounts with screen names that might be considered offensive or that contain a long series of numbers.
    • In the subject line, indicate which class and section you’re in, and the general topic of your message.
    • Use an appropriate greeting, and address your audience respectfully. In this case, “Dear Professor Hitchings” would be appropriate.
    • In the content of your email include the two links you found from COMMARTS
    • Go to or another design related site of your choosing. Find two designers whose work you like, ideally one that works more with raster images, and one that works with with vector images. Include as links in the email you send me.
    • Sign your name to your email. You should always do this, but it is especially important if your name is not in your email address.




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