Department of Communication Design
New York City College of Technology
The City University of New York

Statement of Teaching

Communication design is a collaborative process where designers are often bound to the will of their clients and the goals and deadlines set forth by a particular assignment. I aim to help students understand what it means to be a practicing designer. Over the course of the semester, students’ development, understanding and appreciation of their own creative process from concept development to technical implementation is of most importance.

In the classroom I strive to create a safe and supportive learning environment because I feel this opens up a person’s ability to learn, explore and create. I conceive class assignments to encourage students to explore the design process in a structured and mentored classroom environment that also adheres to the realities of professional client based work, which include deadlines, revisions, meetings, presentations, and also frustrating restrictions.

Communication design is a discipline that requires a great amount of innovation for professional success. And yet the creative process is just that, a process unique to each individual and greatly affected by preparations for the task at hand. Properly setting the stage can yield productive and inspiring environments, necessary for creative talents to excel.