COMD1162 – Week5

On October 3, 2017, in Week5, by Genevieve HItchings



  • Continue to work on your sketches from last week. For those of you whose sketches I have seen – move forward with what we’ve discussed. For those whose sketches I have not seen you have a little more time to refine. Everyone must bring their sketches to class next week again.
  • Take a photo of each page of your sketches (with cell phone is fine) and bring into class as a digital file on either a thumb drive, a sever or via your email. We will explore possibilities for rendering sketches digitally.

Lecture Topic

  1. Principals of design: see handout here: COMD1162_DesignPrincipals
  2. Review sketches and research

In Class Presentation

  • Jessica Hische
  • David Carson



  • Submit all your sketches via scan or digital photo into the class dropbox folder, create a folder with your name on it and add all your digital sketches (email me if you need access to this folder:
  • Mid-term is two weeks away. For your mid-term grade you will be asked to render three of your symbol sketches, digitally on the computer. We will be working on this in class next week (Week6)

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