COMD1162 – Week6

On October 9, 2017, in Week6, by Genevieve HItchings



  • Submit all your sketches via scan or digital photo into the class dropbox folder, create a folder with your name on it and add all your digital sketches (email me if you need access to this folder:
  • Mid-term is next week. For your mid-term grade you will be asked to render three of your symbol sketches, digitally on the computer. We will be working on this in class (Week6).

Lecture Topic

  1. Poster development  – organization of visual hierarchy with all the required visual  elements.
  2. Principals of design: see handout here: COMD1162_DesignPrincipals
  3. Review sketches and research

In Class Presentation

  • David Carson
  • Massimo Vignelli
  • Saul Bass


  • Photoshop Review – Tools, Layers, Scanning, Retouching Sketch: COMD1162SelectingSannedSketch
  • Review last week’s lesson here: lesson-week4
  • Illustrator – Blob tool, Eraser tool, Layers, Background layer


  • MidTerm: Finalize 3 of the required 6 symbols digitally
  • Create a 2 sketches (paper and pencil) to explore different possibilities for your final poster layout.  Don’t assume first ideas and solutions are the best. Take chances, you can always  tighten things up later.  You may add type at this stage. Think about using type to help visually communicate your concept. Experiment with a variety of approaches. Experiment with type  and composition perhaps focus on the expression through the letterforms themselves, as well as through  their arrangement on the page.

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