Week15 – GRA3611

Welcome to week15!

In-class final critique
CARP will be stopping by for the final class critique at 9:30AM. I do not think they have reached a decision on the final logo (the reality of working for a real client). But their feedback will hopefully be insightful. I have not yet heard any details.

I would like to collect all final work.
Make sure you have folders on dropbox titled stages #5,6 and 7 updated with your final work.
For the deck of cards I would like to collect a version of the templated illustrator file I posted in week3.
In it you should include:

  • The number 10 card in all 4 suits
  • One of each of the following cards: Jack, Queen, King, Ace, Jocker (remember I prefer quality over quantity – so only save finalized pieces in the folder).
  • The back of your card – which should/could include your name and URL – if indeed you will use them one day as a means for self-promotion.

I will accept final work until Friday Dec 20 at 5PM.

I wish everyone a restful and festive time in the upcoming weeks!!