COMD1162 – Week10



  • 2 sketches of poster layouts (pencil on paper – with a border around each sketch. Sketches should mimic the proportions of the poster).
  • Completed 6 digital renderings of your sketches into illustrator

Poster Design – Layout
Project specs:

  • Poster 11×17 inches (Photoshop 300DPI or Illustrator–your choice)
  • Vertical layout
  • .5” margins
  • Use of bleeds if necessary
  • Suggested title: Visit NYC
  • Tagline: 24 hours in the city that never sleeps
  • Fine print (body copy): Visit NYC! From historical landmarks to newer destinations, come and see the best New York attractions. For more information on NYC parks, art museums, culture spots and historical venues visit:

Review Photoshop: Lesson9

  • Organizing poster-layout
  • Layer palette details
  • Organizing layers and folders
  • Type
  • Masking


1. Gail Anderson

Lab-time to work. I will meet with each of you individually.


  • First draft of poster due next week – end of class