COMD1162 – Week13


  • Storyboard tourism poster – for short animation
  • FINAL Project – Book Cover Design. Select your book from this list posted last week. Research subject and come in with possible ideas for a cover design

Lesson – Lesson13
-> US Trade – Paperback
-> Smart Objects – Illustrator into Photoshop (Photoshop)
-> Working with scanned sketch work in Photoshop -> painting.
-> Retouching in Photoshop – selections and quick masks

Project 2: Book Cover Design
Please review the following list of books. I would like you to select a source book for which you will develop a cover design. All selected books are public domain titles and have text readily available on-line through multiple sources. I recommend checking Project Gutenberg ( for full-text downloads on these titles.

Project Specs:
Cover designs MUST include the book title and author’s name; you are not required to feature any additional text.
Dimensions: 6 x 9”
Bleed: .125”
400dpi format
Photoshop or Illustrator

Looking at a complete book cover (wrapped around a book) laid flat you will see the back cover, spine, and front cover, in that order from left to right. So allowing .125 for trim around each edge, your width formula is .125 + cover size + spine width + cover size + .125.

The formula for spine width is page width ( typically.002252) times final number of pages. So for a 300 page book the spine width would be .68 (.002252 x 300).

Here are a few resourced for looking at good book-cover design:

Mini Quiz
Short animation of your tourism poster (no longer than 15 secs)
-> Three frames (should be based on your storyboard)
-> Dimensions: 400px x 175px
-> 72dpi
-> RGB

1. James Victore

1. Carefully browse the links listed above
2. Find three existing cover designs for the book you have chosen and three covers of books you like.
3. Sketch three ideas for Book cover design. You will be asked to present your sketches next week.