COMD1162 – Week2

DUE: introductory email with two links of designers you found that you like.
Post your links on the discussion topic on Openlab:

Lecture Topic
The role of a designer: review links

  • Goal
  • Client
  • Audience

Illustrator – Vector Focus

  • Pen tool (vector points)
  • Working with (raster/vector)
  • Vectors
  • Color pickers
  • Download lesson here: lesson-week2

Please sketch out 10 different possible ideas of symbols for a male and female person. The 10 sketches should be drawn on 1, 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper in pen or pencil (no color). With a ruler draw five even rows, and two columns, for each sketch. The symbols will be used in a poster you will be asked to design relating to tourism in NYC. We will discuss the project in more detail in our next class.