ADV1160 – Week13

Informal Class Trip (05.11.10)
I am scheduling an informal class trip this coming Tuesday, May 11th at 3:30PM
The trip is not mandatory, but I encourage you all to attend.

We will be meeting at 3PM in front of the Manhattan Center
311 West 34th Street (btwn 8th and 9th Ave., closer to 8th)
New York, New York

For more information about what we will be seeing, you can check out:

Please email me by end of day Monday to let me know if you will be attending the class trip:

ADV3550 – Week10

ADV1160 – Week8

As we move into Spring break I want to leave you with a few additional thoughts. In the next few days each of you should be receiving an individual email from me with feedback on your covers as well as your midterm standing. Please email me if you do not receive this by Friday April 2nd. If I did not receive your cover in class you were supposed to email me a low resolution draft, without that I can not give you a grade.

Here are the handouts I gave in-class
ADV1160 Checklist
ADV1160 Design Principals

Over the break I would like you to work on the following (please read carefully):

1. Watch 2 helpful videos about using InDesgin: (there a bunch of videos on this site so feel free to explore.)
a. This one is about setting up guides and baseline grids: Adobe InDesign CS3 Essentials – How to Create Guides
b. And this one is about threading text in InDesign: Adobe InDesign CS3 Essentials – How to Thread a Text Frames

2. If you have not already done so, set up your spreads for the booklet in InDesgin and get the text placed into columns. Make sure you follow the projects specifications, you can find all the necessary handouts for that here:  (ADV1160 – Week7)
You can download an example of the booklet here: Booklet Example

3. Revise your ‘Typography’ covers based on your in-class critique (and the email you will be receiving from me). I will accept revisions and that can improve your grade.

4. Typography take-home QUIZ
Please print and hand back to me next class. You will find all the answers in the handouts I have given over the term (all of them are posted on this site). You can also find answers online…

We will be moving into our second project by April 23rd. And week 12 we will be taking a field trip, I will give more detail when we return.

I hope you find time to enjoy the time off despite all this work.
Let me know if you have questions. I will be out of town until April 2nd, I will get back to you after that date.

ADV1160 – Week7

This week in-class we a started the take-home MIDTERM. We set up the file in InDesign and started to place all the copy onto the pages and spreads according to project specifications.

In InDesign I showed :

  • Placing Text
  • Text threading
  • Paragraph Formatting
  • Character vs paragraph formatting: leading, kerning, tracking
  • Drop Caps
  • Working with Styles: Paragraph styles, character styles, nested styles
  • Master Pages
  • Printing with crop marks

See the handouts below:

Download Copy For Booklet Here

Here are the handouts for week 7:
ADV1160 MIDTERM (take-home): document specifications for booklet
ADV1160 InDesign

1. Finalize your ‘Typography’ cover design. If you have time you might even play with another variation of the cover.
2. Take-home MIDTERM. See if you can get all the text placed.

We will review in class next week and I would like to collect. Bring them to class printed out, and trimmed to size (black and white is fine).

ADV1160 – Week5

Here are handouts given in week 5:

ADV1160 Week5 Agenda
ADV1160 Project Overview
ADV1160 Week5 – Photoshop step by step

For homework:

1. Finish ‘Comping Type’ exercise.
2. Continue to work on your ‘Typography’ sketches from last week.
3. Bring in two high resolution photos to class next week. We will be developing the ‘Typography’ sketches in Photoshop next week.

ADV3550 – Week 5

Here are the handouts for Week 5:
ADV3550 Week5 Assignment

You can download example files here:
ADV3550 Week5 Lesson Example

Here is an example of a wire frame. Between this week and next, I would like you to create a similar sort of sketch of your portfolio in Photoshop. Refer back to the handouts I gave in week3.

Wire-Frame Example

This shows how the layout is designed to fit a 12point grid:

Same Wire-Frame Example showing the 12 point Grid

And here is an example of how I would like you to present your logo’s in-class on Monday. If you have more than one logo you would like to show, then present each on a separate sheet of paper.

Logo Presentation Layout

Here is a list of some of the (HTML) reference portfolio websites I have been gathering from all of you. You were all supposed to send me a good and a bad example of websites you’ve researched.

Good Design

Bad Design (for more visit:

Thank you to those of you who sent me your research!

ADV3550 – Week4

Here are the handouts for Week 4:
ADV3550 CSS – BoxModel (this one was already posted last week.)
ADV3550 Week4 Assignment

You can download example files here:
ADV3350 Week4 Lesson Example

If you need help uploading your files to your website through Dreamweaver you might take a look at this step by step tutorial online:
Steps III and steps IV,  are slightly different from what I showed in class but it’s essentially the same thing, here they use the ‘menu’ instead of the the ‘files’ panel.

ADV1160 – Week4

Here are the handouts for week4:
ADV1160 Project Overview

ADV1160 Week4 Agenda

Here are two examples of magazine spreads:
Magazine Example1

Magazine Example2

For inspiration be sure to check out this site:

ADV3550 – Week3

Here are handouts given in week 3:

ADV3550 CSS – BoxModel
ADV3550 Week3 Assignment

You can download example files here:

ADV3350 Week3 Lesson Example
ADV3350 Grid Templates

Welcome to the Spring Semester 2010!

I will be uploading all class assignments and handouts to this site.
Please make a point of checking in on a regular basis.