COMD1162 – Week13

DUE: ‘Move Your Body’ illustration sketch – be prepared to present to class next week. – Save sketch into Week13-Project2-Sketch’ folder in dropbox (with your name on it).

*Note we only have two more class meeting sessions. We have collectively decided to hold our last class on Reading Day, December 13 at the usual time. We will therefor not meet on December 20th. Please mark your calendars!

In-class/ Lecture

Project 2: Educational Health Awareness Booklet (see overview handed out and posted in Week 9)

Book dimensions: 7.5″ x 10.5″
Download the template for Project 2 – posted in Week 12
Developing a concept

First Lady Michelle Obama’s ‘Lets Move’:


Illustrator: Review Lesson-Week12
-> Manipulating Type – Envelope Distort
-> Blending Tool
-> Live Trace


For project 2, using the provided illustrator template above, create 2 symbols in opposite meaning for the ‘Move Your Body’ section. One should depict a stationary activity and one should depict an activity in motion.


DUE: First draft of both ‘Move Your Body’ and ‘Eat Good Things’ illustration – be prepared to present to class next week.