COMD2327 – Week12 – UPDATE

On November 30, 2015, in Week 12, by Genevieve HItchings

Reminder For those of you who I’ve been in contact with – I must receive your revised feature article ASAP!

  • Aliver Canari
  • Alberto Bernal
  • Jeremy Kao
  • Priscilla Rios

Please submit to the Dropbox folder by 12PM tomorrow (Monday 11/30). ABSOLUTE DEADLINE!! Double check to make sure your work is in there. If in doubt email me to make sure I have received.


Hello – since we don’t meet next week, I am sending you a special update.


I want to emphasize that I need everyone’s Feature Article by:
END OF DAY this coming Monday 11/23/15

The Grace Gallery show is coming up and work needs to be submitted before we meet again. I would like to submit your Feature Article for the show.

Please ‘Package’ your ‘Feature Article in InDesign and send to me via dropbox:

  1. Open your Feature Article in InDesign and go to the menu ‘File/Package.’ This will enable the program to collect all the images, and fonts you used for you article in addition to the actual InDesign file and save into one folder.
  2. Make sure your name is on this packaged folder, zip the folder and upload it to the dropbox folder ‘Week12-FeatureArticle’
  3. Here is an online tutorial about how to package a file in InDesign:
  4. If you have any questions email me:
  5. If you want to meet let me know – we can schedule to meet during my office hours.

Thank you!!



Homework Due

  • Finalize design of feature article in InDesign – be prepared to present in class – include one interactive feature:
    1. Slideshow
    2. Pinch and zoom
  • Bring in second and third article for your magazine. Save in a folder with your name into: ‘Week12-Articles’ dropbox folder.
  • Watch: Digital Publishing – Design Layouts, including Interactivity (see Week 10)

In-Class Critique

  • Create your own Adobe Cloud Account
  • Create a Folio and post your feature article within
  • Present your feature article to class


  • Roger Black
  • Adrian Frutiger
  • Carol Twombly
  • Neville Brody
  • David Carson

In InDesign Design:

  • Create Cover Layout
  • Edits to your feature article

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