COMD1162 – Week10

On November 7, 2016, in Week 10, by Genevieve HItchings

At long last election day has arrived! I hope you all have a chance to go vote.


Finish the ‘Get Out the Vote’ poster campaign. Download template: gotv_print_11x17_withbleed

  • In-class Critique: we will take a look at all the final posters. You must make any FINAL edits and submit.
  • Complete and submit your self-evaluation worksheet:  comd1162_slef-assessmentworksheet
    You can use it as a final checklist – it includes all the elements I will use to grade your poster:
  • Also attached is peer-evaluation worksheet: comd1162_peerassessment. Each of you will be asked to peer-evaluate a classmate’s poster when we return from Spring break. I will be collecting these worksheets at the end of class. Your final grade will relate both to how you respond to your classmate’s feedback and also how thoroughly you provide valuable feedback in your peer-evaluation

Lesson – Review Photoshop – retouching from week9
-> Image Trace (Illustrator)

Lab Time
Please note the following:

  • Add the required AIGA template to your poster.
  • Save final version of your poster into the dropbox folder: ‘FinalPoster’ with your First and Last name, ex: GenevieveHitchings.pdf


  • Final Revisions to Poster DUE Thursday 10th at 3PM. I must have your final version saved into the Dropbox folder with your First and Last name, ex: GenevieveHitchings.pdf
  • Those who have completed their posters and included all in class revisions will be selected for the Grace Gallery show. The show goes up next week
  • Research: Sketch out 4 possible visual solutions to the two assignments related to the book design. You will be asked to present to the class next week.

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