COMD2327 – Week3

On February 23, 2017, in Week3, by Genevieve HItchings


  • Homework DUE – everyone was supposed to bring in interesting magazine and/or newspaper layout for review
  • Layout calendar (InDesign)
  • Make sure your ‘urban legend’ essay is posted into the class dropbox folder. Email me if you can not access.
  • Post a project from your last semester in Type&Media to your ePortfolio and add the link to the discussion on OpenLab:




  • In your daily travels over the course of the week take 3 photographs. Each photo should show one example of a bad use of type based on the week3 handout of terms (see above). So for example find an example of bad kerning, or an example of a neglected widow in some body copy. Please post image with caption to your ePortfolio page and send me the link to the comments section of week3 of this blog.
  • Work on Assignment#2 (due Week 4) See handout above.
    Here are the list of stories to go with exercises #1-5:
  1. Nicole Harripersad “Bloody Mary”
  2. Alana Langyel “A California Ghost Story” or Gennessy Palma “La Llorona”
  3. Giselle Rodriguez “The Suicidal Boyfriend” or “Well to Hell”
  4. Clarissa Blanchette “The Handshake”
  5. Luis Lopez “Daedalus Wings”

Stories are posted in dropbox folder – week3


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