Week13 – GRA3611

On December 4, 2013, in Week 13, by Genevieve HItchings

Welcome back from Thanksgiving. Three weeks to go!

CARP was so grateful for your work. They were really sorry they were not able to use everyones but they had a tight and unforgiving deadline. To recap they held off until Wednesday and then had to go to print. The posters were posted all around town on Thursday and Friday. There were 5 posters that made it into the final print, 250 were printed and posted primarily in the Rockaways and Williamsburg. There were very well received. They were hoping to print a second round but because of the time and cost constraints they are not able to do it.

Gradient Mesh tool
Symbols – symbol sprayer
Texture and the transparency palette


  • DUE Sketches of Jack, King or Queen
  • Print your cards to date – we will review and go into final production
  • CARP – present final logo design with style guide after class – Style-guide example (see pages 5-9): style_guide-EXAMPLE
  • Finalize logo – implement color scheme
  • Position final logo and branding guides into this template: StyleGuide_YourName.ai
    Here is a tutorial on selecting Pantone colors in illustrator: Pantone Illustrator
  • Lab time to work


Playing Arts

1. Logo and style-guides
2. Deck of Cards


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