Week14 – GRA3611

On December 11, 2013, in Week 14, by Genevieve HItchings

Hello – We are getting very close!

Today’s goal is to finish off any loose ends.

CARP will come next week for final class – to review the work and select the final logo. They will also give us a summary of how the campaign to stop the Rockaway Pipeline played out.

  • Your final styleguide should be in my dropbox by end of class. I will send to them for review.
  • Finish off the required cards (see below in red). Everyone is supposed to come in to class this week with a printed out version of your cards.

05% Cards Template
05% Cards Back
05% Cards #10
05% Logo Sketches
05% Logo Draft1

Total = MIDTERM Grade
10% Style Guide
20% Poster
20% Final Cards:should include #10 card in all 4 suits, at least 1 specialty card: Joker/Jack/Queen/King/Ace, and the back of the card. If you can get me more than one specialty card great, but I prefer quality over quantity.
10% Final Logo
05% Field Trip
10% Class participation
Total = FINAL Grade

Please note I do expect you to use some of the techniques in Illustrator we have covered over the course of the semester in your final work.


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