COMD1162 – Week5

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-> Refine Poster sketches based on what was discussed in class last week.
-> Refine moodboard -> the moodboard is a collage and must show evidence of historical research (even if you do not end up using what you site in your final poster). It shows that you researched and understand the subject matter you are designing for.
-> Next week we will focus on creating the first draft of your final poster. You can work in both Illustrator and Photoshop – note: type in Illustrator, images in Photoshop

Illustratordownload lesson here:lesson-week5
-> Review last class (PracticingBezierLine&Curves)
-> Type tools
-> Envelope distort
-> Blends
-> Live Trace
-> Live Paint
-> Scaling and transforming

In-class Presentations

  • Jessica Hische
  • David Carson

Today we will work on creating the first draft of final poster. Project specs:
11×17″ (Tabloid size)
Resolution 300dpi

Here are a few related online tutorials that might help to reinforce what we look at:
Envelope Distort 1:
Envelope Distort 2:
Live trace:


Reminder: we will not be meeting this coming Tuesday or next Tuesday. Our next class is scheduled for Friday 10/14 at 2:30PM

-> I must see your final Poster sketch at the beginning of next class based on what was discussed in class today.
-> Final completed posters are DUE 10/18


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