COMD1162 – Week9



  • 2 sketches of poster layouts (pencil on paper – with a border around each sketch. Sketches should mimic the proportions of the poster).
  • Completed 6 digital renderings of your sketches into illustrator

Poster Design – Layout
Project specs:

  • Poster 11×17 inches (Photoshop 300DPI or Illustrator–your choice)
  • Vertical layout
  • .5” margins
  • Use of bleeds if necessary
  • Suggested title: Visit NYC
  • Tagline: 24 hours in the city that never sleeps
  • Fine print (body copy): Visit NYC! From historical landmarks to newer destinations, come and see the best New York attractions. For more information on NYC parks, art museums, culture spots and historical venues visit:

Photoshop: Lesson9

  • Organizing poster-layout
  • Layer palette details
  • Organizing layers and folders
  • Type
  • Masking


1. Michael Bierut
2. Yuko Shimizu

Lab-time to work. I will meet with each of you individually.


  • First draft of poster due next week – end of class

COMD1162 – Week3

DUE: 10 different possible sketches of symbols for a male and female person. The 10 sketches should be drawn on 1, 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper in pen or pencil (no color). With a ruler draw five even rows, and two columns, for each sketch. The symbols will be used in a poster you will be asked to design relating to tourism in NYC. We will discuss the project in more detail in our next class.

Lecture Topic

  1. Project 1 Overview: COMD1162_Project1Overview
  2. What it means to be a designer – visual communicator
  3. Principals of design: see handout here: COMD1162_DesignPrincipals
  4. Reference Examples:

We will continue with last week’s lesson:
Download lesson here: lesson-week2

  • Workspace
  • Panels
  • Geometric Objects
  • Pen tool
  • Freehand drawing
  • Alignment tools – Rulers/Guides
  • Measurements – Inches/Pixels
  • Artboards


A reminder that we do not meet 9/18. Our next meeting is 9/26. For homework please work on Stage 1 of Project 1 (see the handout above for details). For our next class:

  • Identify 6 tourists locations in New York City (Museum, Dining, Park, Nightlife (music, dancing, theatre), Shopping, Landmark)
  • Come up with 10 sketches of possible symbols for each location. Remember you are trying to figure out a ‘style’ that will work consistently for all six symbols. Symbols should be simple enough to communicate meaning quickly.
  • Find at least 3 designers or examples of work that inspire you, and whose ‘style’ you would like to try and evoke in yours.
  • Email me with questions

COMD1162 – Week6

Hello everyone! Don’t forget we meet tomorrow 10/14 at 2:30PM – Friday is following a Tuesday schedule.

-> I must see your final Poster sketch at the beginning of class based on what was discussed in class today.
-> Final completed posters will count for you mid-term and are DUE end of class 10/18 (next week!)


  • Principles of design – directing the viewer’s eye
  • Review of both Illustrator and Photoshop lessons to date.
  • Scanning high-res

In-class Presentations

  • Massimo Vignelli
  • Saul Bass

Work on paster. Project specs:
11×17″ (Tabloid size)
Resolution 300dpi


COMD1162 – Week5

-> Refine Poster sketches based on what was discussed in class last week.
-> Refine moodboard -> the moodboard is a collage and must show evidence of historical research (even if you do not end up using what you site in your final poster). It shows that you researched and understand the subject matter you are designing for.
-> Next week we will focus on creating the first draft of your final poster. You can work in both Illustrator and Photoshop – note: type in Illustrator, images in Photoshop

Illustratordownload lesson here:lesson-week5
-> Review last class (PracticingBezierLine&Curves)
-> Type tools
-> Envelope distort
-> Blends
-> Live Trace
-> Live Paint
-> Scaling and transforming

In-class Presentations

  • Jessica Hische
  • David Carson

Today we will work on creating the first draft of final poster. Project specs:
11×17″ (Tabloid size)
Resolution 300dpi

Here are a few related online tutorials that might help to reinforce what we look at:
Envelope Distort 1:
Envelope Distort 2:
Live trace:


Reminder: we will not be meeting this coming Tuesday or next Tuesday. Our next class is scheduled for Friday 10/14 at 2:30PM

-> I must see your final Poster sketch at the beginning of next class based on what was discussed in class today.
-> Final completed posters are DUE 10/18

ADV1162 (Raster & Vector)

Welcome to ADV1162 (Raster & Vector) online. Here you will find regular postings for handouts given in-class.

Course Description:
In this course, students will learn concepts and applied theories of digital media and the two fundamental graphic forms: raster and vector digital images and will define and describe similar and contrasting factors in each kind of image. The comparison will also recommend the best practice, specification or standard for using a specific form in a specific application. The course will include basic digital imaging terminology, and techniques including size, resolution, color space and file elements, measurements and file formats. Students are introduced to digital imaging concepts through software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator on the Macintosh operating system. Scanning and digital photography are integrated into lesson plans.


  • Use design as a means of communication
  • Gain a solid understanding of production steps (print vs. web)
  • Gain a solid understanding of industry tools (both conventional and digital)
  • Gain a solid understanding of the grid system: bring visual structure and balance to design
  • Develop conceptual thinking skills
  • Encourage articulate and productive presentation and discussion skills
  • Present final work professionally and within project deadlines

ADV3662 – Week2

Week5 – ADV1162

Hello – welcome to week 5!

Lecture Topic

1. Review design Brief: ADV1162_ProjectBrief
2. Review Margo Chase and user profiles

1. Class presentations start today: Paula Scher
2. Meet with you design teams. Based on the research your were supposed to do for homework, come up with two different list of adjectives (descriptive words).

  • List 1 should describe the target audience and the things they might care about.
  • List 2 should describe the client and the things they care about

From this list you will begin to develop your moodboard. The idea is to expand your creative horizon so you can come up with a solution that not only reflects your creative potential but also effectively establishes the company’s visual presence. Make a list of at least 30 associated words.

Continue with Photoshop
Mood-board is a collage of inspiration, reference material and research to help develop their design concept.
More about moodboards: click here

  • Workspace
  • Panels
  • Layers
  • Tools
  • Selections

Plan to visit the market that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in front of the courthouse and:

  • 5 questions for the markets and/or the vendors
  • Review words from descriptive lists made in class
  • Continue to work on moodboard

*Note next class meeting is on Tuesday October 15 (no classes on 10.14.13)

ADV1160 – Week14

Here are some printing tips for your final projects. Please read carefully!

ADV1160 Printing Tips

Good luck with it all. I look froward to seeing your finals.