Week5 – ADV1162

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Hello – welcome to week 5!

Lecture Topic

1. Review design Brief: ADV1162_ProjectBrief
2. Review Margo Chase and user profiles

1. Class presentations start today: Paula Scher
2. Meet with you design teams. Based on the research your were supposed to do for homework, come up with two different list of adjectives (descriptive words).

  • List 1 should describe the target audience and the things they might care about.
  • List 2 should describe the client and the things they care about

From this list you will begin to develop your moodboard. The idea is to expand your creative horizon so you can come up with a solution that not only reflects your creative potential but also effectively establishes the company’s visual presence. Make a list of at least 30 associated words.

Continue with Photoshop
Mood-board is a collage of inspiration, reference material and research to help develop their design concept.
More about moodboards: click here

  • Workspace
  • Panels
  • Layers
  • Tools
  • Selections

Plan to visit the market that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in front of the courthouse and:

  • 5 questions for the markets and/or the vendors
  • Review words from descriptive lists made in class
  • Continue to work on moodboard

*Note next class meeting is on Tuesday October 15 (no classes on 10.14.13)


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