COMD2327 – Type II

On February 1, 2017, in COMD2327 – Type II, by Genevieve HItchings


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Course Description
Introduces a variety of basic layouts and formats, building technical and practical fluency in setting and working with type for both print and screen. This course further explores topics learned in COMD 1167 Type and Media, such as typeface selection and the use of the typographical grids. Problem-solving for most common typographical problems is discussed.
Prerequisite: COMD 1167 Equivalent to old course ADV 1217


  • Review of the five main families of type and their visual characteristics (Old Style, Transitional, Modern, Egyptian (also know as Slab Serif) and San Serif)
  • Review the anatomy of type: baseline, meanline, capline, serifs, etc
  • Review and understand leading, tracking, kerning, alignment and best typographic practices
  • Identify and resolve typographical problems such as orphans, widows, type color, and rivers
  • Understand how to make good typographical choices including typeface, variations of type, size, alignment, and column width, among others
  • Create a variety of projects with an emphasis on type
  • Use InDesign to create our designs
  • Use Adobe DPS (InDesign) to publish to the ipad
  • Work with grids and understand visual organization
  • Understand the principles of visual hierarchy
  • Use type effectively!

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