COMD2327 – Week1

On February 2, 2017, in Week1, by Genevieve HItchings

Welcome to the first class of the semester!


  • Introduction to the course
  • Course Objectives
  • Class introductions
  • ReadThis


InDesign Basics

  • Menu overview/ workspace/ pallets
  • Setting up document: size, measurements, columns, bleeds
  • Rulers and grids
  • Inches, points, picas
  • Placing text
  • Dummy text or latin text
  • Text threading
  • Basic formatting of text



  • Bring in a story based on an Urban Legend, a Myth or a Folktale. Your story should be three paragraphs long (with a word count around 300 words). You can also check out this website to browse through a number of stories and see if you come across one that you like:
  • Here are two examples from former students:
    1. BloodyMary
    2. TheGhostFestival

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