COMD2327 – Week7

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  • DUE: First draft of complete calendar should be finished and submitted end of class.
  • Daily travels: please post your examples to you ePortfolio page and send me the link on the discussion board on OpenLab: Daily travels: Week5 Homework
    -> Column grid
    -> Modular grid
    -> Hierarchical grid


  • Discussion of project 2. Choose from one of the following subject categories:
    1. Fashion
    2. Sport
    3. Food/ Cuisine
    4. Travel/ Leisure
    5. Nature
  • Looking at Grids in detail:
    -> Manuscript grid
    -> Column grid
    -> Modular grid
    -> Hierarchical grid
  • Here is a nice look at four types of grids:



Time to finish off Project 1 in class:
If you have not already done so design the cover of your ‘Urban Legends Calendar’

Urban Legend Example from a previous semesters: frantz_drouillard_urbanlegends


  • Complete cover -­‐ as PDF file together with all pages must be saved into dropbox folder by next class.
  • Research topic for new project (See Project 2 handouts listed above)
  • Look for examples of interactive publications: emags, ebooks, others

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