COMD2327 – Week8

On March 29, 2017, in Week8, by Genevieve HItchings


Homework DUE

  • Finish off Calendar. Final PDF with completed cover must be in dropbox folder by 4/7/17. I will provide you with feedback. The printed and bound final piece will be do Week12.
  • Research topic for new project (See Project 2 handouts listed above).
  • Look for examples of interactive publications: emags, ebooks, others.


  • Interactive publications.
  • Justifying type in InDesign.
  • How to refine the spacing of justified type: Download example: JustifyingType Folder
  • Discussion of Project 2 (see handout given week7). Chose subject of your EPub Magazine.
  • Organizing a functional file structure for Project 2.


  • EPUB magazine research: find relevant (digital) articles based on your chosen subject matter.
  • Establish an organized file structure to save your research.
  • Finalize Project 1.


  • Massimo Vignelli
  • Gail Anderson
  • Greg Gazdowicz


  • Finalize project 1 Urban Legend booklet (must be in my dropbox by the end of next week).
  • Collect research for Project 2 (see handout given last week).
    1. One of the articles should be a feature story – about 2-3 pages in length.
    2. One article should be a collection of 8-10 facts. For example if your subject is food, perhaps you would find 8-10 seasonal, local vegetables to feature.
    3. One article should be an interview (related to subject matter of course).
  • If you are presenting a typographer next week, please come prepared!

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